The sun! Sea! And the girls! in hurricane races on jet skis,

Jane was just working in a Santa Monica gift shop. Once in the store comes the buyer in search of something suitable for his tournament. Jane from ignorance accidentally sells a valuable family heirloom of the owner of the store. To correct her act, she buys a jet ski to return the relic.

You have to:
- Arcade races on a variety of locations
- Battles with rivals with bonuses
- Hydrocycles with unique capabilities

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AuthorKirill Live
Made withConstruct, Three.js
TagsArcade, beach, bikini, Casual, jet, jetski, kart, mario, ski, watercraft
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any), Joystick, Touchscreen, Accelerometer

Development log


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you are a lagend

thanks bro 🤜🤛


I liked the game but i have a few gripes first is that you cant go faster and second you lose all your speed when you run into someone


Thanks for the follow Kirill!

I enjoyed this game! although the max speed at 27 should probably be increased as I'm having a tough time lol

thanks )

do faster than 27?


yes the max speed of the character is 27


Fun, with a nice, light atmosphere that matches the theme.  Might be nice if you had to pass between the arches or stilt houses, even just for the effect.

cool thanks !!! maybe I'll continue to do it game I will definitely add it


so interesting~~~


wow's a great game !! loved it !!

glad to hear that bro 🤜🤛


good idea

wow awesome! thanks 🤜🤛


:D .. I THINK you make version on beach ;D style dead or alive