Tuesday JS is a free open source engine to creating visual novels, interactive stories and text-based adventure games. Written in JavaScript without using any third party libraries. The projects can be exported to Apache Cordova to create mobile applications or PC programs. The engine uses standard HTML document elements DOM such as div and img, this allows the use any media format supported by browsers, including vector graphics svg, gif animations and css styles.

Tuseday JSは、ビジュアルノベルやインタラクティブフィクション、テキストベースの冒険ゲームを作るためのオープンエンジンです。JavaScriptで書かれており、サードベンダーのライブラリは使われていません。プロジェクトは、モバイルアプリやPC プログラムを作るために、Apache Cordovaに書き出される可能性があります。エンジンには、divやimgのようなHTMLドキュメントの標準要素DOMを使用しており、ブラウザによってサポートされている、svgグラフィックやgifやcssスタイルのアニメを含む、任意のメディアフォーマットを使うことができます。



The editor fully displays the structure of the script with all elements, build branching narrative and dialogue. such as dialog options and selection consequences. This makes it easier to navigate and edit the script. 


tuesday js visualization script


Ample opportunities to localize stories into other languages.
You can set the translation for almost any element of your project, such as text and graphics.
The preview function allows you to run the project in the selected language.
All texts can be exported to a table csv file for editing and adding localizations in another editor.

すべてのテキストは、編集や他の版にローカリゼーションしたものを加えることができるよう、table csv fileに書き出されます。

tuesday js localization


A story script with all the elements stored in a JSON structure. Almost any programming language can work with this format. This allows you to port your script to another engine or platform.
The editor has a built-in tool to work with JSON, with its help you can edit the entire contents of the script or just the selected element.

これにより、あなたのスクリプトを、他のエンジンやプラットフォームに移すことができます。 エディターにはJSONで作業するための埋め込みツールがあり、スクリプトのすべてのコンテンツや選択した要素を編集することができます。

tuesday js JSON editor


Preview allows you to start a project from a certain point in the script and with the selected localization.


tuesday js preview project

Now tuesday.js is in beta-version, bugs are being fixed, functionality is being improved. But already on it you can create your own stories.

if you have any questions about this engine, write me tuesdayjsengine@gmail.com I will be happy to help.

I will be glad to support the project on patreon

The development of the engine is entirely up to you, the more reviews there are about its use, the better and more convenient it will be for you.

Updated 1 day ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
PublisherKirill Live
Release date Sep 07, 2020
AuthorKirill Live
GenreInteractive Fiction, Visual Novel
Made withInkscape
TagsFairy Tale, Game Design, Game engine, GameMaker, GitHub, Kinetic Novel, Open Source, Twine
LicenseApache License 2.0
Average sessionDays or more
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen
LinksHomepage, Source code, Patreon, Twitter


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Hello, i am a teacher. I see your vn engine and i am interested on it. I want to make some quiz style vn for my student. 

i using the html part to include the quiz. The quiz is using javascript (i found the source online ) and when i run, it didnt show the html page properly. 

So, i change the html quiz with only html and css (also found it online). It doing well, it shown when i run it. But the html is keep running, and i cant figure it out on how to add or show button to continue to next scene.


Hello! Quiz you can do on tuesday js

To add a button with a choice of answers, you need to select a dialog, click on the pencil icon and select "Scen edit".

There, on the right side, there will be an item "Buttons & Сhoice" where you can create selection buttons.

I recommend reading tutorial https://kirilllive.github.io/tuesday-js/tutorial.html

Thank you.

Thank you for your respons. I've already read the tutorial.

About quiz that i have in my mind is like:

#There will be questions you should answer, and then the answer will be compared with the correct one. If it correct you got some points. If you collect enough points you can go to next scene


# there are questions, with clickable multiple choices, right choices will add points.

The first option can be done. There is no option with multiple options.

You will also need to use the functionality of the variable.

I can give you an example and send it to the mail with an explanation

Write me to Email tuesdayjsengine@gmail.com


Could I get a tutorial on how to do some of these things? Im very new to coding and just started


The visual editor is still under development, so there is no tutorial for it at the moment.

You can try to figure out how to use file the tuesday.js engine, there is documentation for that. to create the basis for your novel, follow this guide:

If you have any questions or if you fail, email me at tuesdayjsengine@gmail.com


ok! Thank you for your help!  Also good luck on your project! I shall bless u with UwUs and OwOs to help u on ur journey!!!!


Thanks for the words of support !!! I think that by the spring it will be ready for full operation. 😀👍


Looks promising, hopefully soon it will be

(1 edit) (+7)

Seems like a very cool project but unfortunately, I couldn't make run the project from the repository (example_tour_guide) even when putting the tuesday.js file into the folder. Any clues about that ? It returns error : 

[Error] SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier 'story'
(anonymous function) (index.html:8)
[Error] SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier 'story_json'
(anonymous function) (tuesday.js:1)


Hi! Thanks for your feedback,

I fixed the error, it was caused by the latest update. Update your tuesday.js file, or better use the example on this page.

because example_tour_guide from github won't work in chrome browser due to its "cross domen" protection (I haven't figured out how to solve this yet)

If you add tuesday.js to your project folder, you will also change the path to that file in index.html.

From this one:
<script type="text/javascript" src="../tuesday.js"></script>
to this one:
<script type="text/javascript" src="tuesday.js"></script>


Hi Kirill ! Unfortunately, there's still a problem (safari & chrome on Mac) 

Message error : Error load json file Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

Here's the structure of my folder and, as you wrote, changed ../tuesday.js to ../tuesday.js

(1 edit) (+6)

(CORS) will prevent the project from running locally on the computer. (I haven't figured out how to solve this yet).

To get around this, you need to copy the content from the json file to index.html as a javascript array. I described this problem in more detail here:

try running example_tour_guide.zip downloaded from this page (https://kirill-live.itch.io/tuesday), it is exactly the same but can be run locally.
Or start the "insurance_agent" from same repository.

(1 edit) (+6)

there is still an option to run through the visual editor

1 click on the open project button,

2 Choose a folder with a project

3 press button run


Thanks Kirill ! I understand ! 

Well, your first example works fine ! 

But I can't load the folder project in the editor.  Project doesn't appear in window. I on Mac, tried with Chrome and Safari



But the project is not displayed in the window, this is not expected for me, I tested it on Mac os on Safari and Chrome. did not notice the anomaly. You can send a screenshot or tell us more?


absolutely great ! excellent job man , i wanna make my own game engine one day :)


Look, don't say "one day", do it now; then you can look back later on this as an achievement, rather than a to-do list item or a regret... you know what I mean?


Thanks bro!!! 

I fully agree with Arcade Holdings, this is a great opportunity to test your skills and learn new things.


Doesn't look too shabby. Nice work.


thanks bro, still ahead


I see you're hard at work on this project. Nice. Keep up the good work.


Thank you 🤜🤛 , I want to finish the basics quickly,  that it could already be used this.