Tuesday JS visual novel engine / ビジュアルノベル・エンジン

is a simple web-based, free and open-source visual novel editor that can be used in a web browser. It is written in JavaScript without using any third party libraries and thus does not require additional software installation. The engine uses standard HTML5 document elements such as div and img. This allows the use of any media format supported by browsers including vector graphics svg, gif animations and css styles. There is a version of the editor available as a standalone application for Android devices and desktops. All versions are fully compatible with each other and have the same interface.

は無駄を排した作りの、無償かつオープンソースのビジュアルノベル作成ソフトウェアです。ゲームの制作もプレイもウェブブラウザ上で可能です。JavaScriptで開発したソフトウェアですが、サードパーティ製ライブラリーを一切使用していないので、他のソフトウェアをインストールする手間は不要です。divやimgといった標準HTML5文章でお馴染みのタグや要素でゲームのスクリプトを記述し、svg形式のベクターイメージ、gif形式のアニメーション、CSSスタイルシートなど、ブラウザが扱えるファイルなら何でも使用可能です。 アンドロイド機器並びにパソコン版WindowsとMac用の単体で動作するダウンロード版もあります。各々のバージョン間には完全な互換性があり、インターフェイスも共通しています。

Download builds for macOS, Windows, Android, Web

A quick guide to create a visual novel with Tuesday JS

English     Japanese     Spanish     Russian     Portuguese

Visualization /ビジュアライゼーション

The visual editor allows you to create graphics or kinetic novels without any programming knowledge. If is necessary, it is possible to expand the basic functionality using JavaScript and css.


tuesday js visualization structure script

Scene editor / シーンエディター

The scene editor can arrange all the elements in their places. It also shows how the scene will change on different screens. In the scene layout you can use standard HTML units in percentage pixels or centimeters to better adapt the scene to different screens.

機能では、全種類の要素を分類して管理できます。加えて、制作環境と異なる画面環境でゲームを動作させたときの画面構成の変化を確認できます。 標準HTML用のパーセント単位でもセンチメートル単位でもレイアウトを指定できるので、環境に合わせた適切な画面構成が作れます。

tuesday js visual Drag and drop scene editor

Localization / ローカリゼーション

Tuesday JS provides ample opportunities for adapting stories into other languages. You can set the localized translation for almost any element of your project including text and graphics. The preview function allows you to run the project in the selected language. All language texts can also be exported to a table csv file for editing or adding localizations in another editor.

Tuesday JSには、翻訳版を制作するための機能も豊富です。ゲームを構成するテキストやグラフィックといった要素一つ一つに翻訳版用ファイルを設定でき、プレビュー機能で用意した翻訳版の動作確認ができます。CSV形式のテーブルデータとして出力できるので、他のテキストエディターで翻訳文章を編集したり追加したりすることもできます。


A story script has all the elements stored in a JSON structure. Almost any programming language can work with this format. This allows you to port your script to another engine or platform. The editor has a built-in tool to work with JSON. This will allow you to edit the entire contents of the script or just the selected element.

ゲームスクリプトは、全要素をJSON形式で保存します。JSONは、一部を除く全てのプログラム言語で扱えるので、他のゲームエンジンやコンピューターにTuesday JSで作成したスクリプトを移植できます。 JSONを編集するツールを内蔵していおり、スクリプト全体をJSONとして編集することも、任意の箇所のみを編集することも可能です。

tuesday js JSON editor tool

Preview / プレビュー

Preview allows you to start a project from a certain point in the script with the selected localization.


tuesday js Preview project

Translate tool / 内蔵翻訳支援ツール

The built-in translation editing tool allows you to quickly add a new translation and edit all the texts in your project without leaving the editor. In addition, it displays the number of completed translations for each language.

Tuesday JSが内蔵する翻訳支援ツールなら、他の言語版用の翻訳文を、プロジェクトで使用している元のテキストを対訳表のように参照しながら追加していけるので、別のテキストエディターを起動する手間が省けます。また、翻訳の進捗率を言語ごとに確認できます。

tuesday js Translate tool

ASCII art / アスキーアート (AA)

The engine is adapted to use ASCII graphics. With its help, you can diversify the texts with images and patterns made up of text characters. JSON editor tool

Tuesday JSエンジンはアスキーアート(AA)を適切に表示できます。テキストで様々な絵や模様を作ることができます。

tuesday js ASCII graphics

Warning for Android version

Minimum version of Android 5.1

If you have problems with files on Android 10 and higher, then you need to specify 'Allow access to manage all files' in the application settings in 'Permissions' section.

Tuesday JS error Android 10 access files

Useful tutorials

A quick guide to create a visual novel with Tuesday JS
Creation mobile project for iOS and Android
Creation desctop project for Windows MacOS and Linux


if you have any questions about this engine, write me tuesdayjsengine@gmail.com I will be happy to help.

Kirill Live
StatusIn development
Release date Sep 07, 2020
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(41 total ratings)
AuthorKirill Live
GenreInteractive Fiction, Visual Novel
Made withInkscape
Tagsandroid, Game Design, Game engine, GameMaker, GitHub, Kinetic Novel, Open Source, Twine
Code licenseApache License 2.0
Average sessionDays or more
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen
LinksHomepage, Source code, Patreon, Twitter, YouTube


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example_my_story.zip 2 MB
example_interactive_fiction_ASCII_art.json 21 kB
example_hidden_objects.zip 487 kB
example_Rock paper scissors.zip 11 MB
example_interactive_movie.zip 18 MB
example_comic_manga_ComiXology.zip 2 MB
example_map.zip 1 MB
example_quiz_or_test.json 3 kB
example_custom_cursor.zip 2 kB
example_enter_name.json 2 kB
example_game_time.json 3 kB
example_furigana_transcription_annotation.json 2 kB
example_javascript_add_element.zip 1 kB
example_game_pad.zip 345 kB
example_mouse_hover_css.json 1 kB
example_using_html.json 1 kB

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Hello, so not all blocks but a few times when i try to edit certain block this bug happens where after i click scene edit it opens the scene edit page but freezes like this with wrong stuff on screen. 
(1 edit)

Problems with the option "go to" "next scene

"Go to" it's not going to next scene. It's just active going if I choose another block. Something I doing wrong?

in this case there is no need to use "Go To", at the end of the scene the story will automatically switch to the next scene.

How do you make a Main menu ? Like start contine all that stuff?


Use buttons and choice, it will be redirected to the next scene.

Deleted 142 days ago

Unfortunately, I can still not figure out what the hell am I doing. Is there somewhere in the tutorial that I'm missing? The main menu is kind of the important part of any game So you can save and reload all your gam3s I'm so confused  😭


You can see how The main menu is made in the sources of these games:


Step 12 of the tutorial describes how to make the main menu the default


Ahh Ok sorry for my mistake! Thank you vary

Hi! I’ve sent you an email since it has a lot of screenshot of it, the problem is simple but I still struggling on it! Any help would be appreciated ! :)

Deleted 145 days ago
Deleted 145 days ago
Deleted 112 days ago



can i make fade-in transitions?


I tried to work around with this

img {opacity: 0;  transition: opacity 0.5s ease-in-out;}

img.fade-in {opacity: 1;}

img.fade-out {opacity: 0;}

but it wouldn't work


Hey I just made fade-in and out css file.
you can download the file from here ->

The css file has five fade-in out functions. add a string to class as you want;

fade_in, fade_out

fade_in_up, fade_out_up

fade_in_down, fade_out_down

fade_in_right, fade_out_right

fade_in_left, fade_out_left


1. Open the fade.css file from project setting - css styles file - open fade.css

2. Add strings to class

3. Enjoy!

*ah, if you think fade in and out time is too long, you can open the file and adjust the time. ex) animation: fade_out 3s; -> animation: fade_out 1s;

wow!!! cool!!!

oh wow! thats cool! but how do i change the transition color? because the transitions were white. I wanted to do black color transition. example: fade out black


I have a simple question, how do we open two instances of Tuesday js windows version? I want to work on my project while looking at example project. Thanks

Hello! Thank!

I'm sorry but this is impossible.  but you can open the example in the browser version.


This  is truly awesome. Although I downloaded it several months ago, I only recently had the time to use and learn it seriously in the past two weeks. I'm very impressed with its ease of use and the simplicity of its user interface. Even though it took a bit of time to get accustomed to the interface, it was quite easy to do so. Thank you.


Hi, I have a question (it may sound a bit silly) but, how can I make transitions from one scene to another? The same with the images that I put in the scene, because when I try to put a transition it doesn't work.

Ps: I so fascinated with your program :D

Hello! Thank!

Unfortunately, at the moment there is no function to animate the transition between scenes.

in the screenshot you set the transformation time for identical objects in successive scenes. Perhaps the parameter does not work because of the "s" symbol. seconds are used by default


Here is published the source code for Tuesday JS game with a lot of animations: https://tuesday-street.itch.io/rock-paper-scissors

OOOH muchas gracias!!! (thank you so much!!)

Hello ^^ how can i skip the text animation before going to another line?

if I understand you correctly, you can turn off the animation by setting the "Dialog speed" parameter to 0


Thanks for the reply. But there is a way to skip dialog if It's running and go to next dialog if it's finished?


Hello! I had a pretty simple question that I couldn't find any answers to. there's an earlier post from a few years ago on this comment section that is related but I can't get it to work. would it be possible to help me understand the style css feature? I'm rather new to coding so if it could be explained to me in a way a toddler could understand that would be great--specifically a hover command is something I'm looking to understand. thanks!! :)


For the hover function you need the :hover CSS event
Example: https://www.w3schools.com/cssref/tryit.php?filename=trycss_sel_hover

Step 1
go to the global css styles section

Strp 2

Come up with a name for the style, be sure to put a dot in front of the name to indicate that this is a style class that can be applied to multiple objects

Add curly braces and write css options inside them.

Create another class with the same name but add :hover after the name. Inside the curly braces, specify which options you want to change on hover.

Strp 3

To apply a CSS class to an object, simply specify the class name in the object's properties in the Class Name section. Multiple classes can be applied to the same object, separated by spaces.


thank you for your response! Unfortunately I keep running into a problem with the global css style section, I've tried the example you provided and a few others but it doesn't apply, I click back onto the code edit and the code is gone! is there anyway to fix that? Thanks :]

(1 edit)

I'm sorry! the missing code is a bug in the latest version, at the end of the week I will publish an update that fixes this bug.

or you can use the latest stable version on GitHub right now: https://kirilllive.github.io/tuesday-js/translate/en_tuesday_visual.html


Thank you for your guidance! I appreciate your time :]

I added an example with a demonstration of hovering over an object



Hi ! I have a question. Would it be possible to add an html reader in the block or scene setup ? 

Hello! Yes! 

Thank you !


i think it would help if you made multiple tutorial videos on your channel explaining how to use the software for newbies  i have not used this at all yet but its hard to find resources online other than this one. plus video tutorials are heckin professional so if fine time to do it that would be awesome. 

(3 edits) (+1)

Hi, sorry for destrurbing, can you help me?

I downloaded version for steam and do all steps by tutorial, but preview button dont do nothing. The button just dont respond or dont start anything. I tryed again from start and another ways to make test novel but preview dont work at all...

"Run Block" buttons also dont work.

If it helps in any way, I was able to build the project as HTML and run it. On a gray screen without pictures (although they should be because they are loaded and displayed at project), present "start" button, after clicking on which "Hello World" is displayed and nothing else happens, although I made all as an tutorial and then there should be text and a choice.

I have not encountered such a problem before, perhaps something is blocking the execution of window.open from the editor code. Such actions may be caused by antivirus programs or ad blockers.


Hello Kirill ! I made an android app with android studio, your instructions were really helpful. I had some problems when building but I managed to solve them.

I published it on my page :) 

Good job!


Thanks !


Hello there,

I´ve just found this engine and downloaded  it.  I did look around in it.  It is very intuitive and and has a nice and  clean interface, but I´ve noticed some things I wanted address and ask about.

1.  I was unable to find an option for localization in to german which is actually the only other language the I speak apart from english.

Did  you just not implement it  or did you use a different  abbreviation from the usual international DE that usually is used?

2.   By creating the .JSON file I noticed that the file will get  saved to  the Downloaes folder on my PC and not in to the working folder that  I have specified in order to create the project.

Is there a way to change where the JSON file is saved?


2. Saving to a folder is currently possible in the Desktop and Android versions, but not in the browser version.  

1. There is a DE language, but it is named as "German".  I was also confused by this name, but it is present in many lists of languages that I have seen.  "Dutch" is listed as "NL Nederlands" 

I don't know why this classification, if there is a mistake then I need help understanding this problem in order to fix it.

DE  is  short for the the actual name  of the Language which in german is  Deutsch german is only how it´s called in english an d mots other languages But we call our language Deutsch due to our nation being called Deutschland. That why it´s DE instead fo GER.

The issue with the saving of the JSON File to my downloads folder is Via the Windows Desktop version not the browser one. Thus It would be nice if you could tell me how I can specify that the .JSON is saved in the actual project folder I´ve created instead.

Deleted 249 days ago
(2 edits) (+1)

hello, Kirill
How do I apply the plug-in on the engine?
I've seen the update, but I don't know how

if you are talking about the "Terrain map" plugin, then it is automatically disabled

Deleted 83 days ago

"Create APK file on an android device, without using PC"

There are online services for converting a zip archive html to apk, but I can’t recommend a specific service. there are difficulties with the publication of such games in GooglePlay

"how to make smooth transitions of character sprites?"
Yes, in the sprite settings there is an "animation" section, in which you can set the "time transform" and for the specified time there will be a smooth animation of changes between the same sprite objects. You can do this using "Opacity" option and two sprites.

"only one folder is needed, in which all the resources are located? Can't split into folders?"
There can be any hierarchy of files in the working folder, but the editor will display all files without folders, I understand that this creates difficulties, but this problem will be fixed in the future.

I have a problem.

In scene content, I can't open scene edit, text edit, and other. Then in arts, I also can't adding an image.

It can't open when I click. But, when I open settings scene, I still can open to select.

Yesterday, the problem had no appeared. It start today.

The editor can work offline and does not have a connection to the server. You need to restart the editor.
But this error probably appears after some event, If there is information on how to reproduce this problem, then I can fix it.

Deleted 347 days ago

When choosing a working folder for a project, the editor automatically finds all the graphic files that are in it (png and jap are supported).

If you make changes to a folder, then the editor may not recognize this, in which case you need to update the contents of the working folder here:


Thank you.

(2 edits)

I do have same issues (note: I have different folders containing my assets on it PNG, mp3,JPG) and directory file to the selected assets seems fine but I can’t contain every file on html (resulting to not displaying anything but the original UI and I have the customized one) but on the preview, it works. I’m currently working the largest project I’ve been working on >100 mb. Also I’m Xiaomi user, Android 10. Sorry to spam you but I’m really want to figure it out

Hello! The screenshots show that you are using the android version.
If you use HTML export, only an HTML file with links to resources will be created. resources will not be added to html.

If you need html with resources, then try exporting to base64 (but 300 MB is big size)

Android 10 or higher, you will not be able to run html file in the browser on Android due to file access restrictions, try running it from a PC

(1 edit)

Thank you for your response! But I have tried to export in to base64 and resulting to this:

Yeah I think the file is too big but otherwise I could extract zip instead.


Hello,  sorry to disturb you.   Tuesday JS starts perfectly at first on my pc and  android, but  many functions don't work after 15-20 minutes (I can't add a scene or  can't click on the "+" in the block at all). Maybe it's the minimum requirements for a computer or mobile? PC version tested in different browsers, almost the same) Thank you.

Thanks for the information about the problem, it is unlikely that this is related to the time of use, most likely the error appears after using some function.

Can you describe what you did before the problem appeared?

I just started the project, made some blocks, added one sprite and some dialogs. I didn`t enter variables and something else . And the buttons in the blocks are simply not pressed. I read on one site that maybe Tuesday JS is only supported by 64-bit Windows, but I have Win 7 x32 on my laptop.

By the way, the buttons and sandwiches at the top and bottom of the block itself are pressed, unlike the buttons inside the scenes.

(1 edit)

Everything has already worked  in the mobile version,

(1 edit)

The web version can work on a 32-bit system, Probably the browser is overloaded with animations and the number of objects.

try enabling lines in settings


Thank you, it works. I tweaked something in the settings.

Deleted 1 year ago
(2 edits)

Decided to give this a try again after my lack of understanding, and i can say that it's much better now. I have some questions, though:

- Is it possible for the exported result to be locked in specific orientation? (Ex. landscape)
- Is there some sort of cheat sheet for scripts like the username? I find it inconvenient to switch from my project to the example projects haha

- I can't seem to make the ui i made look consistent, is there a way to do that? I hate it when my ui looks squished when i tested it in the mobile version...

Also, multiple save file option would be nice for more branching stories... Just a thought.

That's all i can think of at the moment, thank you for this neat engine

  1. I don’t know if itch.io can lock orientation to landscape or potrait, but you can set a fixed size in the setting when uploading html5 game, so the size will be consistent in various device

This feature is already available: https://kirilllive.github.io/tuesday-js/translate/en_tuesday_visual.html


So good :D
I'm a little overwhelmed but I played around with exporting and I can already see the potential of what I can do with this~


How change the fonts of text?

Deleted 2 years ago
(1 edit)


I do pixelart and I would like the font to also accompany the aesthetics :D

I followed this tutorial but I don't know if it still needs to be implemented or if I'm not doing a step right


(2 edits)

Sorry I didn't notice what project you were asking about, I thought you were talking about ascii art paint.

in the project settings, you can specify a global font from those provided in the system, or in the fonts section, you can specify the file and name for your own font.

(2 edits) (+3)

I've been using this for a while now, I must say it's extremely great! Specially when I'm tuck in bed and an idea pop up in my head I could just prototype  easily using the android version. Good work overall. It'll be awesome if you could add an option (for android version) to be able to toggle screen orientation since I mostly use the scripting feature and typing in landscape is hard atleast for me.  Also having a condition for a dialog to appear only if certain variable is toggled would be nice. I would like to see this or maybe a new project to be a full pledge 2d game engine


Hey! Thanks!
I'll try to make the screen orientation for android. but this will need to be tested.
This problem can be solved by splitting the screen if your device supports this feature.

"Also having a condition for a dialog to appear only if certain variable is toggled would be nice."

If I understand you correctly, then perhaps you need "Legacy choice" function. using it, you can set the condition for determining the next block, depending on the value in the variable


Thanks for the reply dev!  What I meant was for instance, in block_1, you add a scene then add a dialogue with text and choice/s, is there a way to choose a choice that doesn't yeet you to other block? Just change a certain variable then depending on your choice you'll either go to the next Dialogue or to other dialogue in the same block. If it gets annoying just ignore my suggestion haha. Also I tried using a third party application for my orientation problem, it works but that application have ads so it's annoying.

No problem, any feedback is important to me, it helps to make the editor better.
With variables, I will think about how it is possible to solve this problem.


This is really a great and easy tool, straightforward and actively developed 👍
Kirill, I was wondering if it could be converted to a click & point gamemaker by adding dialogs instead of just "scenes go-to" to maps? If we could trigger actions when clicking on the map (dialogs, variable) it would be fun! Hope you'll like the idea!


Hey! Thanks!

There is no such function, but it is easy to do, I will add it in the next update.


Wow thanks Kirill! You're so active on this tool, it's awesome! 👍 

Being able to display a dialog, set a variable, make an optional go-to would give I think all the basic requirements for point & click adventures.


Hey Kirill, great work with the R3 and thank you for adding the borrow dialogue feature, it works great! Awesome!

My only concern now is: how to both borrow a dialogue and  then make a go_to *after* the dialogue is complete.

For instance :

- I create a terrain map

- I borrow dialogues from block1, for instance : "You open the door..."

- block1 contains a go_to block2 after its dialogue

- block2 dialogues are then correctly display but the scene stays the same, i.e., the background image is still the terrain map. For instance: "You are now standing in a new room..." and the image is still the previous room.

Do you see the idea?

Thank you!


Sorry, I made a error, forgot to add the hide map feature.

I think you need something like this?

I fixed the issue, but the updated version is only available online on github: https://kirilllive.github.io/tuesday-js/tuesday_visual.html

In a few days I will make a release for other platforms, forgive me for this inconvenience )


Thank you! Yes, exactly, I'll try it out. And no problem, thank you so much for your work! 👍


Excellent Kirill, I've tested and everything works! Thanks so much! Can't wait to put it in use!


does it run without internet ?


all versions do not need the Internet to work

(1 edit) (+1)

Kirill, why Android Version is 355KB and the Windows Version is 100MB?

Win and Mac versions is based on NW.js and has its own web engine, making it not nearly operating system independent. Mobile version is completely dependent on the Android distribution, as it uses the built-in WebView of the operating system. Because of this, such a difference in size, 
If there is a free space issue, you can use the web version on a PC offline with a suitable browser, which is equivalent to the desktop versions.


Make sense

Hi uhm i maybe have a little problem on the android app because whenever i play or save it wont work it always says "No working Folders Selected error 9"And ive selected an new file ive created and Putted The needed pictures/music/etc there.. please help mee!?!!!! 


This app is bloated with beautiful features and the documentation is outstanding.


Hello Kirill,

After I load back the project from cloud storage, I can not edit any text, pressing "Edit" won't work. Is the project being read-only? I can add scene, but can not add or modify text.

Hello thanks! It's really weird, I'll see what I can do

Hello Kirill,

Maybe i'm not using it right, but i don't manage to stop music even with the stop sound function:

I can only add new music to skip the previous one.

If you do not need to loop it is better to use the "Play sound" element. "Stop sound" can only stop the sound started by "Play sound".

If you are using music for a scene, then to stop it try to write "false", "off" or something else.

"False" is working well, thanks a lot!


Hello Kirill,

Some small display bugs on live preview.
- personalized CSS style won't show
- personalized Font won't show

Example (with rollover effect and Moms typewriter font):

(1 edit)

Hello! thanks! but this cannot be fixed

External CSS will not show up in the scene editor because if you apply your own CSS it can affect the editor itself and cause problems. The entire editor interface is written in css

Thanks for reporting problems, i appreciate it 👍

Ok thanks Kirill. You're welcome, you really deserve feedback.


Hello Kirill,

How to make a choice button to point to a web page (to patreon ie)?

I'm currently testing Tuesday JS and i must say it's a real nice tool, complete enough to make a good VN. I think i will make my whole VN with this tool, i'm excited by the way your app develop quickly.

I used to work on tyranobuilder and cloudnovel and i must say it's just missing 3 important stuff:
- skip option (i'm not using the back button and have game over options)
- having the possibility of making a save/load screen with more than one slot
- a mute/unmute function.

I also suggest some bonus functions for the future:
- a rollover effect on buttons (i know it's possible with CSS, but making different rollover options depending on each buttons type seems complicated for a non-developer, especially using arts instead of color)
- being able to use sprite sheets
- add your fabulous puzzle maker in the app options
- being able to show variables (to make a hp bar or money bar ie)
- having something like a dice game with aleatory numbers

Keep up the good work, and thanks again for that engine !

(2 edits)

Thank you for your feedback, I wrote down your suggestions in the development plan, there may be problems with sprite sheets, not all browsers do it correctly, I have already tried it.

The external link is currently set by the JS command: 

 window.open ('https://kirill-live.itch.io/tuesday-js');  

it needs to be added to the parameters of the "JavaScript" button

If you port the game to a PC using NW.js or Electron, then other commands are used there

To display a variable in the text, you must use the variable name in angle brackets <variable_name>.  if the variable is not showing, try clearing storage and turning off autosave for the project.


Thanks for your answer Kirill.

The window.open works well for the browser, thanks, but i plan to make a version of my game for windows, mac and linux. What commands need to be used for exporting to a pc (i'm using web2executable, so nw.js)? Because on a windows export, it open the url in a new restricted window, not in your browser. And will it be another command for android?

"To display a variable in the text, you must use the variable name in angle brackets <variable_name>. (I checked, I probably broke this feature, I will fix it in the next release)"

Do you have a screen or example because i really don't see what you meant? Even if the feature is broken, at least i will know how to do it when the next release is online.

And i found another bug (sorry). On my main screen, when i click on "load" button, if there was no previous save game, buttons disappear. And of course a new player doesn't have a previous save game...

Before clicking:

After clicking on load button:

(1 edit)

for nw.js the command would be like this:


for Android, if you use Cordova as in the guide, then there is the same as in the browser. 

window.open ('https://kirill-live.itch.io/tuesday-js');  

For a demonstration of working with variables, try this example https://kirilllive.github.io/tuesday-js/example/example_quiz_or_test.zip the value from the variable into the text can be inserted like this

With the problematic "load" button, thanks for saying 👍

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Nice example for the variables, i will try it soon.

If you made a banner/button to advertise your great engine, i will be happy to add it in my game.

"for nw.js the command would be like this: nw.Shell.openExternal(\"https://kirill-live.itch.io/tuesday-js\")"

I tried but it wasn't working so i googled your command and found the correct one. Thanks a lot, it will be usefull :)


Hello Kirill,

Just a small annoying bug, the windows app crash when you make a right click.

Hello Thanks! I will definitely correct

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Now that i don't have this issue again, while i had it a few hours ago, i can't help to tell you what is causing this trouble.

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Is there specific size for images ? When i create a scene, some pngs that are in the selected folder are missing.
In a folder where i got 52 pngs, just a dozen appear in arts...

Hello, there are no restrictions for images, this is possible if the files have read and access restrictions.

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Unfortunately, no read and access restriction differences between "accepted and rejected" png. ie first png appear in art, second one doesnt appear while they have exactly the same read/access:

the screenshot shows that you have a different problem, the file format is written in capital letters, there is no such option in the program, rename .PNG to .png


Thanks a lot, yeah that was it. Problem resolved !

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Hello, I have run into a huge problem. I can´t open saved projects or locate files like pictures. Whether it is the ones that I made or the ones that I downloaded ("example interactive movie" → time gal). Please help.

PS: Windows

Hello! You must select a folder with a file, not a specific file. Did you stay so?


Okay, thanks. I was confused because when I select the file it translates the text to "do you want to upload the files to a web" which really confused me since I work on desktop. Also sometimes, especially on my first start up, there were bugs were the app wouldn´t lunch properly or at all (pure white screen) and maybe also that when I tried to load the project it also buged and didn´t lunched.

As far as I am trying right now, everything seems to work properly. Thank you very much.

if the problem persists, try using the web version. it is the same as for desktops and can work offline

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