Tuesday js last alpha

This is a momentous moment ladies and gentlemen! Sounds and music can now be used in Tuesday JS projects.  This is the last function that I wanted to implement, which means that the project goes into BETA!

tuesday js audio

In the parameters, you can now specify not only the value, but also calculate it while maintaining the unit of measurement. Same as in Blender 3D or Construct 3.

tuesday js calculate

To my surprise, Tuesday JS worked fine on my old 2006 MacBook with Windows 7 32-bit.

tuesdya js run old macbook

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Tuesday JS visual editor.zip 47 kB
Jan 13, 2021
tuesday_visual.html Play in browser
Jan 13, 2021

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Congratulation, cant wait for the stable version

i will try ) 🤜🤛


Looking forward to a stable release


i will try )


Good job 🤜🤛