Tuesday JS Beta 0.92 colors and lines

In the new release, the code for displaying lines and blocks has been optimized.

Added adaptation of colors for story blocks in dark themes. The block color is now inherited by all elements related to this block, which makes the storylines more descriptive.

Tuesday JS Beta 0.92 colors and lines

  • Changed the way of displaying lines
  • Adapted block colors for dark themes
  • The line color inherits the color of the block it points to
  • Choice buttons inherit the color of the block they refer to
  • Fixed video playback in chromium
  • Fixed returning to the stage with the "text add" element


TuesdayJS_Beta_0.92_web_recommend.zip 108 kB
Jan 09, 2022
TuesdayJS_Beta_0.92_android.apk 356 kB
Jan 09, 2022
TuesdayJS_Beta_0.92_mac.dmg 111 MB
Jan 09, 2022
TuesdayJS_Beta_0.92_win.zip 100 MB
Jan 09, 2022
tuesday_visual.html Play in browser
Jan 09, 2022

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How do you create your apk files and make them so tiny? Do you use ionic? Is there some sort of an automated action that does it?

I reallywant to set something similar for yarn editor and also my tilemap editor - both are pwas which I want to get onto the google app store

For this I use cordova, the whole process is described here: https://kirill-live.itch.io/tuesday-js/devlog/214852/creation-html-apk-for-andro...

Framework Ionic is also well suited for this, it's almost the same thing, but with advanced features.

hey thanks for describing it :) I was wondering if it could be automated via github actions or Travis